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Renal-Link Dialysis

Sunny Medical will set up multiple subsidiaries or holding companies, invest in and operate independent hemodialysis center projects, including Sichuan Sunny Medical Technology Co., Ltd., SanHe Bri-prospect Medical Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Renal-Link Medical Co., Ltd. has established extensive partnerships with many Grade-3 hospitals, nephrotic experts and prestigious dialysis equipment manufacturers and taken the initiative to invest in and construct dialysis centers. In particular, the construction of community-based dialysis centers, is aimed at providing more professional and convenient medical services for patients with kidney diseases and providing advanced dialysis technology and products.


Project Advantages

According to the experience of developed countries, currently, dialysis treatment service is focused on the traditional mode of large and medium-sized hospitals in China, and the establishment of community-based dialysis center is the future development trend. Therefore, the company actively invest in independent hemodialysis centers, aiming at devoted itself to building a first-class closed loop of dialysis service for patients with uremia. The dialysis center mainly includes the following contents:

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Project Process

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