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SanHe Bri-prospect Medical Co., Ltd.(Sunny Medical Wholly Owned Subsidiary)

Sunny Medical was founded in 2000, ever since its establishment, Sunny Medical has developed a colonic therapy system to apply to the hydrotherapy and purification of intestinal tract. The system has obtained many national invention patents and been widely used in the treatment of renal, hepatic, digestive and anorectal diseases and exported to Korea, Japan and other countries. In addition, we have established a perfect after-sales service system with all-round services and solutions in China. In order to provide professional technology and services properly, Sunny Medical invested a wholly-owned subsidiary-SanHe Bri-prospect Medical Co., Ltd.(referred to as Shengjing Medical) in Yanjiao economic and technological development zone of hebei province in November 2014. Shengjing Medical has been adhering to the accumulation of technology and market service network of Sunny Medical for nearly 20 years, and is responsible for the whole business of Colon Dialysis (Colonic Therapy System). Shengjing Medical is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of Colon Dialysis in China with the service concept of "technical excellence, service first, building high-quality medical products". In addition, Shengjing Medical has cooperated with many prestigious dialysis equipment manufacturers to invest in independent hemodialysis center projects in Sichuan, Fuzhou, and Hangzhou acting as an agent in hemodialysis products and consumables of well-known brands.


Product Introduction

IMS-100A  Colon Therapy System integrates several invention patents in the field of Colonlic perfusion dialysis of Sunny Medical, which is suitable for large and medium-sized hospitals. This product belongs to the top-grade machine with complete function. It provides a comprehensive tool for Colonic hydrotherapy in Medical units, and has been used in Clinical application for 12 years. In 2008, this machine selected by the national science and technology major infectious disease project (2008zx10005-007) in the “Eleventh Five-year” for 16 Project units. Took participate in the observation and research of multi-center clinical trials, published many high-quality clinical papers, and achieved clear clinical effects.

Operating Principle

Operating Principle:

Colonic Therapy System mainly considering the needs from clinical Colonic drug delivery, Irrigation, Colon dialysis. By using computer program controlled peristaltic pump, solenoid valve, and the use of temperature, pressure sensors to collect data and feedback control, as well as the use of medical enema catheter or Colonlic Therapy System series of probes, thus realizes to perfusion liquid and waste liquid discharge function to the human body, achieve the Colonic Dialysis, High-perfusion and Colonic Irrigation integration treatment.

Technical Features:

The area of intestinal filtration increased significantly. According to the patent technology, connected the sensor of the Colon Therapy System with the enema catheter, to make full use of the semi-permeation characteristic of the colonic mucosa,  to diffuse, permeate and exchange dislysate between capillaries of intestinal mucosaso. Thus expanding the filtration area of the liquid and the intestinal cavity, and improving the therapeutic effect.

Adjustable volume Coloclysis drug delivery. By adopting high precision electronic metering peristaltic pump and liquid volume sensing device, the measurement and control of infusion volume, discharge volume, irrigation and drainage difference can be carried out. According to the needs of treatment, peristaltic pump can achieve the quantitative adjustment of the micro-dose level. Thus improving the therapeutic effect and bioavailability of the liquid medicine.

The change waveform curve of pressure in dual channel intestinal tract. The Dual channel pressure sensors are used to dynamically monitor the pressure waveform changes of irrigation and drainage fluids. Medical operators understand patient tolerance according to the pressure waveform, which not only ensures the treatment effect, but also improves the safety of use. In addition, the therapy system can also determine whether the pipeline is blocked through the sensor and automaticly adopt treatment measures.

Therapeutic Mechanism:

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Clinical Application

TCM Principle:

Studies shows that the statement on the relationship between five viscera and intestine in TCM theory and the demonstration of the close connection between five viscera and intestines in physiology and their interaction in pathology not only offers a theoretical support to colonic dialysis, but also expands the application scope of colonic dialysis and is thus of practical clinical guiding significance. Colonic dialysis means exerting an effect on colon artificially and accelerating the detoxification of colon using certain drugs with a purgative or adsorptive effect, so that toxins remaining in five viscera can be eliminated as soon as possible. Basic Questions: A New Comment on Five Viscera said that “the opening and closing of anus is regulated by five viscera, too”, which indicates the close relationship between five viscera and anus and also provides a theoretical support for colonic dialysis. 

Clinical Application:

Clinical indicates that Colonic Therapy System can reach a high-position colon via a patented probe. Compared with traditional manual coloclysis which can reach only rectum and sigmoid, it fully expands the filtration area of colonic mucosa, greatly enhances the effect of dialysis, removes toxic substances in the body thoroughly, makes the BUN and Ser of patients stable and drop and improves their clinical symptoms. Also, the colonic therapeutic device is more economical than peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis in the treatment of chronic renal failure (CRF). The constant improvement and perfection of this device can open up a new path for the treatment of CRF. 


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