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The main therapeutic treatment of CKD: traditional Chinese medicine treatment (include colonic dialysis etc.) in early and middle stage, dialysis treatment (include hemodialysis and
hemofiltration, peritoneal dialysis) and organ transplantation in terminal stage.

Sunny Medical scope of Business

The business area covers major nephrotic treatment fields, including
Colonic dialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Hemodialysis, Nephrotic data management and Organ transplantation research

Colonic Dialysis

Sunny Medical was founded in 2000, ever since its establishment, Sunny Medical has developed a colonic therapy system. The system has obtained many national invention patents. Sunny Medical invested a wholly-owned subsidiary-SanHe Bri-prospect Medical Co., Ltd.(referred to as Shengjing Medical) in Yanjiao economic and technological development zone of hebei province in November 2014. Shengjing Medical has been adhering to the accumulation of technology and market service network of Sunny Medical for nearly 20 years, and is responsible for the whole business of Colon Dialysis (Colonic Therapy System).

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Peritoneal Dialysis

Beth Hesda Medical Corporation was founded in November 2015, is a wholly-owned R&D subsidiary of Sunny Medical in Chicago. Currently, the automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) series with an international leading level. It is expected to be licensed by the U.S. FDA in 2019, manufactured in the U.S. proper and popularized around the world.

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Sunny Medical will set up multiple subsidiaries or holding companies, invest in and operate independent hemodialysis center projects, including Sichuan Sunny Medical Technology Co., Ltd., SanHe Bri-prospect Medical Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Renal-Link Medical Co., Ltd. has established extensive partnerships with many Grade-3 hospitals, nephrotic experts and prestigious dialysis equipment manufacturers and taken the initiative to invest in and construct dialysis centers.

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Nephrotic Data Management

Beijing Renal-Link Co., Ltd. is the holding company of Sunny Medical, actively participates in DOPPS kidney disease clinical data study in China. It is aimed to provide the most authoritative clinical data analysis in the treatment of kidney disease, in order to improve dialysis treatment technology and solutions, as to improve the quality of life of patients.

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Organ Transplantation Research

Sunny Medical plans to establish an organ transplantation experimental research base in chengdu, Sichuan province. And conduct in-depth cooperation with the University of Geneva and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, to carry out the industry-university-research cooperation about the xenotransplantation international technology and other related products development.

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