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People's Daily Online: Lingda education improve the level of health care, allowing patients to do dialysis at the grassroots level


People's Daily Online made a news report about the Lingda education On February 21, 2017. The article points out that due to the uneven distribution of hemodialysis resources in China, the shortage of professional medical staff has become the main bottleneck in the development of the hemodialysis room. As a professional training institution in the industry, “Lingda Education”, in order to achieve the goal of training and delivering hemodialysis professionals at the grassroots level, gathered many well-known experts from Grade-3 hospitals in China, and conducted long-term research on the training model of grassroots dialysis personnel. Has explored a  comprehensive, systematic and practical curriculum, which covers the four-level five-dimensional training system of zero, intermediate, advanced and different levels about management, protection, technology and management for grassroots medical staff.

At the same time, “Lingda Education” has continuously innovated the training model, developed the “dialysis industry” APP and the WeChat online learning platform, which opened up a combination of flexible online learning and centralized offline training. Let the grassroots medical staff hear the lectures and get the guidance of experts whenever and wherever.

In the next 3-5 years, “Lingda Education” will set up a team of experts of public welfare training to provide preparation, technical and management training for dialysis rooms that have been established in more than 400 poverty-stricken counties, thus achieving full coverage of blood purification services. Letting uremia patients can enjoy blood purification services in the local area for all cities and counties across the country.

In short, “Lingda Education” systematically and standardizedly trains the medical staff in the basic dialysis room by organizing expert teams, which will continuously improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of grassroots dialysis professionals and improve the medical service capacity of the primary dialysis room, thus enabling uremia patients can also enjoy quality medical services at the grassroots level and be assured of dialysis at home.


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